individual consults

Are you looking to purchase your first home, pay off debt, plan for retirement, desires increase credit score, credit evaluation, need develop weekly and monthly budget, desire to invest in yourself, and need assistance with creating multiple streams of income while increasing your assets.


Whether you are starting a new business or growing a current business.  I educate clients on the process of business start up paperwork, booking keeping records, budgets and tools, hiring employees, developing contingency plans, marketing and advertising strategies, effective ways to brand your business, business evaluations, auditing your business etc.

money matter$ with remisha jones

I work with agencies, small or large groups, churches, schools, and local organizations in providing financial workshops to both adults and children.  I educate the community on understanding money and how it can positively impact their life if used properly.  The skills taught will empower the community while bringing awareness about their current relationship with money, acknowledging their financial mindset, discovering ways to create multiple streams of income, and changing the narrative regarding money and wealth in the Black community.